Websites and More for Coaches, Consultants and Personal Brands

Do you have a coaching or consulting business ?

Let us put all the pieces of the online puzzle together for you so you can propel your business forward and save yourself years of learning and expensive mistakes.

Course Goals

By the end of this course you will understand:

  • Advantages as well as competitive necessity of online presence
  • How it all fits together 
  • Elements your website needs to include
  • Social media networks you need to be on
  • Booking appointments and workshops
  • Directories to be listed on
  • How to manage your website and other technology partners
  • How to find a developer / designer you can trust
  • How much you can expect to pay
  • Landing pages and funnels
  • The tools you may need to invest in
  • The information to include on your website
  • How to write copy to ensure it turns visitors into paying customers
  • Where to source images and videos
  • Subscriptions you will need
  • Setting up online courses and membership portals
  • What to post on social media to ensure you get plenty of engagement
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Security

Here’s what you get with Propel Academy courses


You will gain clarity of where your business is right now and where you need to be in order to succeed.

Practical Courses

Our courses are industry specific and packed with real life examples, so you will learn only what is relevant to you and your business. 

Resources & Tools

You will discover tools and resources that will save you time, money and your sanity.

Websites and More for Business Coaches, Life Coaches,  Consultants and Personal Brands.


Who What Why How

  • Who is this course for?
  • What you can expect to achieve by the end of this course
  • Who we are and what you can expect from us
  • Housekeeping

Section 1

Do I even need a website?

  • Do I even need a website?
  • How does it all fit together?
  • Audit of where you are right now

Section 2

Reaching your customers

  • Understanding your customer including their pain points
  • Coming up with a tagline/description for your business

Section 3

What website platform should I use?

  • Which platform should I use?
  • Website design process explained
  • Should I design the website myself or get someone to do it?
  • Unpack the jargon
  • Domain names and Webhosting

Section 4

YOUR Website

  • Planning the content of your website
  • Sourcing and creating images and graphics
  • Writing copy for your website
  • Creating your homepage
  • Credibility and trust
  • Calls to action

Section 5

Maintain and Improve

  • Keeping your website updated
  • Google analytics
  • Website security and upgrades 
  • Google Alerts on my business
  • Reviews and reputation management
  • Updating content and plugins
  • Useful Tools

Section 6

Promotion & Marketing

  • Google my business card
  • Social media
  • Paid online marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Directories
  • Search engine optimisation

Section 7

Scaling your business

  • Online Courses
  • Membership Portals

Section 8

Next Steps

  • How do I find the right person to help with me with my online presence?

  • How to work with a website developer

  • Where to go for help

  • How long will it take to build my website?

  • How much will it cost to get my website built?

  • Where do I go from here?

Resources & Downloadables

  • Coaches and consultants online – How it all fits together
  • Audit checklist
  • Website design checklist
  • Domain name alternatives
  • Glossary of tech terms
  • Essential pages to include on your website
  • Ways to prove your credibility in order to attract more customers
  • 30 days of social media postings
  • Winning Website vs Poor website
  • Tools and resources
  • Partners
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Website design brief – What your designer/developer needs to know
  • Pricing Matrix